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I am a First Generation Cuban-American from Miami, FL. I have an MFA in Visual Arts, Painting, but I've always leaned towards working with mixed media, as I feel that this allows my ideas to be expressed in the best form. Although there are series' (or individual pieces) that require me to do some research before I can start, I prefer to work intuitively.  This means that I usually do not plan or sketch my work...I just surround myself with materials and "let go". 


I always had a compulsion to understand the mysteries that created me. This has led to a path in my artwork where identity, spirituality, psychological issues and body consciousness have surfaced as some of my underlying issues. My process allows the imagery to surface in its purest form and without preconceived notions, which in turn gives the unspoken/inner world a place to manifest itself. The result is typically a colorful, visceral representation of figures that are intertwined with organic lines, text, ethereal and anatomical shapes.