- "Fat girl"

An ongoing series of digital paintings/illustrations that focus on an activity that might/would be considered mundane (in the life of this fat girl) and they are also self portraits.
♦Digital Series♦
- I use the term FAT GIRL as an empowering phrase, not derogatory. All my life I've struggled with that label, until fairly recently when I've realized that I can't be ashamed forever...
So the "digital" fat girl is living her life and doing her daily or regular activities as best she can, accepting herself with flaws and all.

Done with Corel Painter X.

© "stuck"© "drowning"©"waiting for a phone call"
© "stuck"

© "drowning"

©"waiting for a phone call"

© " drinking"© "contemplating"© "shopping"
© " drinking"

© "contemplating"

© "shopping"

© "sleeping"© "watching the world pass her by"© "watching tv"
© "sleeping"

© "watching the world pass her by"

© "watching tv"

© "watering plants"  
© "watering plants"


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